The track has been completely reworked, and a product called Traction-Seal applied. Extreme Coatings, a Palo Cedro-based company worked with us to make it happen, applying over 3500 gallons of track-specific coating produced by CPM, out of Sacramento. The end result, a completely protected track, that's got the same level of grip with all of our configurations! Thank you Richard & Jeff, for making it happen!

Thank you
Upstate Pest Management, Inc.
for helping us keep the bees away,
so we can enjoy our track.

Join us for our Monthly Kart Klub Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, 7:00 p.m. at Player's Pizza, 2305 Balls Ferry Road, Anderson, CA

About International Karting Federation (IKF) Sprint Racing

Sprint karts are characterized by their sit-up driving position. Sprint kart racing is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in competitive go-karting. With a wide range of classes available for the novice to the expert, there is usually a class for everyone at the sprint track. Races are conducted by either of two systems on the Regional level: three heats with motocross scoring or a pre-final and final format. On the National level, the pre-final/final format is preferred. In both cases, qualifying will determine the starting order of the first race. For the motocross system, the winner is determined by combining the finishing positions for the three heat races. For the pre-final/final system, the winner of the final is the overall winner. At contracted events, the distance will be pre-determined in accordance with the rules for the particular division. Track will be measured at the center of the racing surface. Sprint racing gives the competitor an opportunity to learn the basics of karting, at speeds somewhat slower than those found in Road Racing but with all the excitement you can stand.

‚ÄčWelcome to the home of Northern California's Shasta Kart Klub. 

We are a family-friendly Klub with racers from ages 5-65.
We welcome all race fans to come watch and cheer on our racers!